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As a complete beginner to the blogging world, it's taken me many hours and days to learn how to create a blog from scratch. Sometimes, I've had successes.... and then sometimes it's taken me a day or two to do something really simple, like work out how to add social sharing buttons to my blog. I guess we've all been there? If, like me, you're starting from scratch, then I hope these tools and tips will be useful. I'll be revisiting this page to update the content and if you've any question or comments then please do get in touch. 


I'm always attracted to a blog that has great images, stunning scenery or just cute animations. As a new blogger, I didn't want to pay a lot of money for these images...these are two of the best free resources that I currently use:

Photo Editing

Currently there's only one site that I'm using to edit my pictures - Canva This is another free resource (there's also a paid for subscription version), which I don't pay for. The beauty of this website, is that you can upload your own images and use the free tools to resize them to the perfect dimensions for your requirements - be that for a Facebook post, Instagram or to create an image for Pinterest. There's also free fonts to add your wording. I often use this tool to resize my photos for Instagram or for Facebook posts.

Social media sharing icons

This is something that seemed quite simple at first....but when I tried to add the StumbleUpon share button to my posts then I really struggled. As StumbleUpon is no longer a share button on WordPress sites (in the way that Facebook and the other main social media accounts are) I had to search lots of Google pages trying to find an answer. You could add a badge (which scared me a bit as I don't do code!), you could enter your own sharing URL on WordPress (I got this to work but it meant my website was no longer secure) or could download a widget. Even then, not all widgets are equal. Many don't contain the StumbleUpon share button or the user needs to pay for the widget. Finally, I found one that was free, had the share buttons I needed and several designs to choose from. I've posted a how-to video from YouTube below in case this is helpful. 

Website errors

If you've purchased an SSL certificate for your website - to make it more secure - then there's nothing more frustrating than when the padlock disappears. This has happened to me a couple of times....and resulted in me deleting images and links until I found the culprit. If you want to save time, however, try out this found the problem for me - an insecure image - within 60 seconds. Perfect! Again this resource is free - Why No Padlock?

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