Minimalism – Five More Things I No Longer Buy

This week, as we start to (hopefully) see some milder weather in the UK, it’s been back to the decluttering. In the post-Christmas sort out, I’ve been making inroads into the untidiness that is my son’s bedroom. Sorting through books, clothes and toys that he’s outgrown; it strikes me that it doesn’t take quite as […]

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Decluttering – when does it end?

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I often share my minimalism journey….and also that I haven’t posted about it in a little while. That’s not to say that I’ve stopped decluttering…I just took a break after a really big purge of my outdoor garage. I think I felt so relieved to get that […]

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Minimalism – Things I No Longer Buy

I started to write this list, thinking I’d share ten things that I no longer buy,  but then the list grew. It seems that once you start, it just gets easier! It’s rather a random list…but then again I don’t think there’s a “right way” of trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle, no list […]

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