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I was delighted when a member of the Gousto team contacted me and offered to deliver a fantastic Gousto box to my home. As you know, I'm a big fan of simple living, so I jumped at the opportunity to have a food box delivered right to my door.

With it being the Easter holidays, it made even more sense. It meant that we were able to head out in the morning to explore the Lakes, knowing we would come home to find all the ingredients for a meal and a recipe waiting for us on our return. It doesn't really get much better than that!

So what did I think?

The ordering process - this was incredibly easy to do. Once you've registered or logged in, you can look through the delicious menus to see which meals appeal to you. To make it even easier, the meals are organised by category. Different categories include low-calorie, family friendly and vegetarian meals. Each option comes with the following information:

  • A photograph and description of the meal.
  • An indication of how long it will take to cook.
  • How long the ingredients will stay fresh for.
  • The type of cuisine (e.g. Mexican).
  • The number of calories per meal.
  • Other ingredients you will need to make the meal. These are ingredients you are likely to have in your home e.g. cooking oil, salt and pepper.

For my first meal, I chose "Melty Welsh Rarebit Burgers". This was for two reasons - one, I knew the kids would be very hungry after our day out and they never turn down a burger and two, I've never made homemade burgers before so I'd be learning something new!

So, what did I receive? The ingredients and recipe card were delivered on time to my home. If you're not going to be in, you can arrange to have it delivered to somewhere safe, for example to your neighbour.  The ingredients are packaged in such a way that they will remain at the correct temperature in transit; the meat and cheese in our order was kept cold using ice packs and it was wrapped in a woolcool liner (sheep's wool is the main component and this can be composted).

On opening the delivery box, I was delighted with the fresh, high-quality ingredients and the biodegradable packaging. The photo of our order below is one meal for two people. I placed two orders, so that the family could eat together.

Gousto ingredients

The recipe card was super easy to follow, and the whole preparation time  from start to finish was just over half an hour. This is a big bonus for us - it means we get to make healthy meals in less time than it would take to order and collect a takeaway. Making the burgers and the cheese sauce was much easier than I expected, too. The recipe card has easy-to-follow instructions and pictures, so even the most novice cook can't go wrong. I'll certainly take some of these ideas to use again myself in the future, it's great to add easy-to-make meals to our family menus.

Gousto meal



The finished result....was not as picture perfect as that on the recipe card but it certainly tasted delicious and was enjoyed by the whole family. I'm sure that the home-made chips, burger, and sauce will be a family favourite from now on!

Interested in trying Gousto? It couldn't be easier to sign up and try your first box today.

Even better, those kind folks over at Gousto have given me a sign-up link where my readers can receive £25 off your first recipe box. Clicking on the banner below will take you to the Gousto website, where the discount will be applied.

I received this Gousto box for free as part of a promotion that was offered to bloggers. I was not required to write a review, but decided to do so as this service complements my values of simple living. All views are my own.

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21 comments on “Tried and tested – My Gousto Review”

  1. That’s better than the recipe card! It looks really authentic and rustic, love it! I’ve worked with them in the past and LOVED their meals, I dashed out to buy a spice mix they used and have been using it regularly ever since!

    • Thanks Amy 🙂 I love that they have ideas you can recreate yourself once you’ve tried out their recipes.

    • It certainly saves on shopping…and dragging the kids to the supermarket when they’d rather be doing something else!

  2. I’ve heard of Gousto before, but haven’t seen such a great review! Add the discount to that and I am placing my first order as we speak. xx

    • Yes me too….I like to place an order when it suits me, rather than committing to receiving regular orders. There’s nothing awkward about pausing your subscription either, it literally is just the one click!

  3. My husband and I just started experimenting with meal services like this and have been pleasantly surprised! Everything you need comes packed and labeled. The recipes are easy to follow and we’ve yet to have a bad meal. It’s also nice to put my subscription on hold if we’re traveling.

  4. Wow! The end result looks so, so good! I’d definitely consider getting one of these now – and believe me, I was pretty sceptical to start off with!

  5. The finished result looks great and of course very yummy. Glad to hear the whole process from ordering to instructions were easy, as that really does make the whole experience much better.

  6. I have never heard of Gousto before but they sound great. You’ve done a great job, your burgers look delicious! I think I will definitely be giving them a try.

  7. My gusto box arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait to give it a try. It looks like you really enjoyed yours.

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