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Since starting to declutter our home, I’m discovering little moments of calm and joy along the way and what, once, seemed like an insurmountable task, has now become a challenge that I’m starting to enjoy.  

Anyone following this blog or my Facebook page, will know that our home is still far from perfect. I’ve still got a pile of items in the living room that I want to list on eBay, and a box of goods for the charity store. And as for my daughter, she may be wonderfully adept at keeping her own room beautifully tidy and clean….but there’s a huge pile of text books in our lounge that signals the onset of “exam fortnight” at their school.

So, in the midst of our journey…and occasional chaos…I’m trying to keep this quote in the forefront of my mind: 

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection” –  Kim Collins

I’m learning to find satisfaction in the small things…a worktop that’s clean from clutter and doesn’t need re-organising every morning before we eat breakfast; a glass shelf that shines in the sunlight now it’s no longer covered in weeks’ of junk mail and a kitchen windowsill that contains a vase of flowers instead of dirty cups and glasses. In short….I’m realising that it’s not just about the end result, but the joy of the small successes along the way.

And above all…I’m learning to enjoy the pleasures of simple living along the way. Taking time to “be unbusy”…to notice the things that really matter.

Instead of asking my daughter to tidy her school books….I’ll sit down with her and help her revise. One week in, and I already understand more about photosynthesis than I will ever need to know.  And instead of ordering groceries online, I’ll take the time to saunter down to the shop with my son, to have a chatter about what we’ll do that day and to enjoy each other’s company in the sunshine. Wistfully knowing, that they won’t be little forever and that I need to grab these chances when I can.

Bassenthwaite Lake

What did we decide to do that day….as we walked to the store for milk? We picked up some bread, and sandwich fillings….packed a picnic and went to find somewhere cool to have lunch. This was our lunch time view, sitting under a tree looking out over the beauty of Bassenthwaite Lake in the Lake District.

We meandered through the forest, and marvelled at the beauty of the woodlands and the rhododendrons that grow there. Given the chance, my daughter chatted incessantly and my son raced to throw stones in the lake and feed the dozens and dozens of geese that met us at the lake shore.

It really was a special day; my idea of simple living at its best and an easy way to create memories in the sunshine.

If you’re interested in the Lake District, then please check out some of our favourite places to visit below. I’d love to hear about your comments and ideas in the comments section below, too… what would be your perfect “unbusy” day?

Crummock Water – a perfect location for a short walk in the Lake District

The Rannerdale Bluebells – another Lake District favourite

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8 comments on “Progress not perfection….simply enjoying the everyday.”

  1. Decluttering the home is a great way of also decluttering your mind – I love a good clear out, getting rid of the rubbish (physical and metaphorical).

    I’ve never been to the Lake District, but the girls and I are thinking about a weekend away mid July 🙂 x

    • It does make you feel better, doesn’t it? I hope you make it to the Lake District…there are so many places to visit and enjoy 🙂

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