Sunday is my favourite day of the week. My day to take it easy, to kick back, to do very little. That all sounds rather indulgent, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is… but it shouldn’t be. We should all have those days without pressure and responsibilities and lists of chores, don’t you think? I don’t have any extra help on Sundays, like someone to cook for me or do my chores … All it takes is just a little bit of planning.

One of the things that helps most isΒ no gadgets on Sunday mornings –Β  in other words no technology, phones, TV etc before 12:00. At first this was a struggle. The kids were resistant to say the least. But the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages – for a start my kids talk to me on Sunday mornings – and they talk to each other. They do their homework, and I have time just to sit and help (if needed) over a coffee or two. They play with the cat, instead of staring at cartoon cats on a screen. They cook breakfast. They draw. They create. They even tidy their room if they get super bored. The list could go on. But the best bit? They sleep in – EVERY Sunday morning. They don’t drag themselves out of their deep slumber to play computer games or watch TV, instead they turn over and go back to sleep or pick up a book to read in bed.

How can I be chore-free on a Sunday? It’s easy, with a little bit of preparation. These are some of the things I try to do:

  • Iron mid-week so the kids always have uniforms ready for Monday.
  • Start little routines to keep Sundays free, for example cleaning school shoes and packing school bags on Saturday.
  • Prepare a nice meal on Saturday so we can eat leftovers on Sunday. Or if that won’t work, prepare ingredients ready to put into the slow cooker on Sunday morning. Or if you’re lucky, go out for lunch.
  • Have regular clear outs – donate things you don’t need. Less things means less organising and less cleaning.
  • Simplify your routines…take short-cuts where you can. I’m discovering little time hacks all the time. Items that don’t need ironing, having a quick supper one night (something on toast/jacket potatoes/pizza), always having a couple of loaves of bread in the freezer.
  • Ask family members to help. On Saturday, my daughter keeps the dishwasher empty and my son will help put away the laundry.
  • Make use of free time during the week instead of leaving chores to the last minute. Instead of checking social media one more time, hoover the lounge or put the washing machine on.
  • Don’t be a perfectionist. Ok, so maybe the carpet could do with a quick hoover and the shelves really need dusting. It can wait till Monday, tell yourself that you’re more important.
  • Make Sundays a priority -> plan something exciting, restful or relaxing so that you have a reason to get all your chores done ahead of time.

Plan something exciting or adventurous – or plan nothing at all. Do whatever works for you. Had a busy week and just want to chill out? Have a good book handy, plenty of coffee, your movie subscription and a lazy day to recharge your batteries. Feeling energetic? Plan a hike or visit somewhere that you have a passion for on Sunday. Lie your clothes out the day before, pack your bags, put fuel in your car and plan to enjoy yourself. Feeling creative? Take up a new hobby or craft. The possibilities are endless – as long as you carve out this time and plan ahead.

It doesn’t have to be Sunday. If Sundays are busy for you, take your time out on another day of the week. Do you have an afternoon or evening when you can just relax? If that’s too much, then start off smaller. Could 7-8pm on a week night be your time to just rest or do something fun? If that works, increase it to two hours, make it a habit. Make it something to look forward to.

Lastly – don’t feel guilty! Studies have shown that taking time out can have health benefits, too.Β Dr. Matthew Sleeth, a former emergency room physician, talks about how (until 1994 in the UK) stores weren’t allowed to trade on Sundays. It meant that families had more time together both because they weren’t shopping but also because they weren’t expected to work on a Sunday.Β  Nowadays, “We go 24/7 … and I think it’s having health consequences. I think more and more, there’s a consensus that it leads to depression and anxiety.” You can read a full interview here.

I’d love to hear how you take time out of your schedule to just relax and rest up. Do you have any tips for getting those chores done? Have you got anything special planned for this Sunday? I’d love to read your thoughts, please comment below.

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40 comments on “Why Sunday is my Favourite Day of the Week”

  1. I have little daily chores so I never feel like anything is piling up and waiting for the weekend. Also, I’m working on it, but I’m trying not to be such a perfectionist about how well I clean something!

    This Sunday, like most Sundays, I have a big block of nothing time. Then if I feel like reading, I’ll read. If I feel like walking, I’ll walk. Or craft something. Or write a letter. The point is, I don’t have anything specific scheduled for my nothing time. I can do whatever feels most relaxing at the time.

    Good post, thanks!

    • Hi Priscilla, thanks for your kind comment πŸ™‚ Your big block of nothing time sounds just wonderful! Almost like a mini-holiday every week, I can’t think of anything nicer. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great post. I am guilty of leaving everything to a Sunday and then not really enjoying the benefit of the weekend! I am going to try some of your tips!

    • Thanks, Nikki! It’s easy to leave everything until Sunday, isn’t it? I think we’ve all been there. I hope the tips work for you and you have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  3. For someone that’s grown to hate Sundays (despite them being my favourite day when I was little) I thought this was a great post! I end up wasting the day, feeling too exhausted to do much, but not having any plans for anything fun or restful either. “It can wait till Monday, tell yourself that you’re more important.” – Very good advice! x

    • Awww, it’s lovely when the kids like to help out. It’s sometimes a novelty for them, isn’t it? My son had great fun washing up the other day and playing with the bubbles. Thanks for commenting and stopping by x

  4. I really love Sunday’s too! We have technology free mornings too and it’s lovely to spend time as a family. We try to do all the chores on a Saturday which means we have a lazy Sunday. #MMBC

    • Hi Kim, I think it’s lovely that you do this too! It makes for a good Sunday, doesn’t it – especially having all those chores out of the way. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week!

  5. I love the idea of keeping Sunday free. We restrict tech between 10 and 4, which works well. Getting more difficult as homework increases as they get older and is more reliant on tech. I need to take a leaf out of your book and aim to get the laundry, etc done on Saturday instead. #MMBC

    • It’s lovely to read about your Sunday, Cheryl – 10 to 4, now that’s an idea πŸ™‚ I can completely relate to it becoming more difficult as the kids get older, too…even in primary school, they get online homework now, it seems. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.

  6. Sunday is definitely my favourite day! I love the no gadget idea, I am on my phone way too much and recognise I really need to turn it off for a few hours to spend quality time with family.

    • Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by πŸ™‚ I hope that you had a lovely Sunday and a lovely weekend.

  7. I always hated Sundays because it was the day my son went to his dad’s and I used to be on my own. Now I have four children and Sundays are never dull! I love them for so many reasons, sounds like you do too.

  8. Hi Rachel, I totally agree with taking time out. If we don’t it’s all too easy to burn out. Dare I say I remember when Sunday trading was brought in in the UK and I still can’t get my head around it. People only have so much money to spend, would closing on a Sunday be so drastic… Anyway, I feel a rant coming on!

    My two favourite days are Fridays and Sundays. Fridays as not only are they the end of the working week but because it’s the day of the week when I enjoy bad food if I fancy it and it’s an easy day in general. Sundays are our Sunday walk days, a day when we get out and explore the island on foot.

    Your no gadget Sunday mornings is a good idea and must make playing with gadgets more fun later in the day?

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    • Hi Debbie, I’m with you on Sunday trading – I’m sure our lifestyle was so much more relaxed back then πŸ™‚ Your weekends sound lovely, I love checking out the beautiful pictures on your Instagram feed. Thanks for hosting the #MMBC, it’s lovely to hook up with other bloggers x

  9. What a great idea to stay away from technology until 12PM on a Sunday. That definitely offers great opportunities for the family to do things together, like prepare lunch or just go for a walk. Sundays should be for families and for rest.

  10. I can’t possibly imagine having a day with no chores!! it doesn’t matter how much I do there is still stuff to be done and I always make sure everything is done before I sit down in the evenings but yet there is still more to do, I should make everyone else do it on a Sunday so I can have a day off!

    • Now there’s an idea Sarah, delegation πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and I hope next weekend is more restful for you x

    • Oh my goodness, 6am is so early! I hope you can sneak a nap in the afternoon when you have to get up so early at the weekend πŸ™‚

  11. I loved this post. Lots of good ideas to think about. I really feel like I need to have a Sunday chill day and even more I think I need a no technology morning as it really does take over doesn’t it? Thanks for these ideas. xx

    • That sounds like a great idea, Laura πŸ™‚ My daughter actually just went a whole week without her tablet….it was kind of wonderful πŸ™‚

  12. Your Sundays sound a lot like mine! I love a chilled Sunday, we go for a nice family walk , visit family then watch movies when we get back. I always make sure I have a deep clean Friday so we can have a pretty chilled weekend x

  13. I treat Sundays as my sort-out day or in other words leave everything to the last minute. Something about a Sunday though. Family/sort through/organise kind of day.

  14. Sunday’s are also my favourite day of the week. i work a lot, sometimes on Saturdays so Sunday’s feel like my only day off. I sleep in, laze in my pj’s for a bit and then we’ll either go out for some nice lunch or a hot chocolate in town. I nap in the afternoon and I refuse to do any housework! Pure heaven…

  15. I need a better chore schedule because I do end up doing most of my cleaning in Sunday. I am going to try to do more things mid week!

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