I love those challenges that I read online about decluttering – whether it be the Minsgame, the #30DayGetChuckedChallengeΒ or another inspiring challenge doing the rounds. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t always have the motivation or the time to devote to decluttering my home daily. Β And to be even more honest, sometimes I just feel ill, or too tired to tear myself away from the latest boxset after a long day at work. So in order to keep on top of my home, I keep it simple. I just do my own challenge – the 10 item tidy challenge.

So what does it involve? Well, it really is as simple as it sounds. It just involves getting up, hitting one of those clutter spots and committing to decluttering/tidying/sorting 10 items. It’s amazing how taking tiny steps like this can really make a difference. Quite often, I’ll take a rubbish bag to my son’s room with the aim of binning ten items from his floor (he’s ten, so hasn’t learned to tidy just yet) and before I know it, I’ll be tidying out a drawer or shelf. Or I’ll grab ten items of clothing that need washing and I’ll find myself putting a full load in the wash. If I’ve got more time (and determination) I’ll start on a clutter spot, such as the drawer where I put my mail if I don’t have time to do it immediately or the car, Β my least favourite place to clean. Not feeling so motivated? Then I’ll sort 10 items and get back to my movie, my book or take a nap….but at least I’ve done something.

Why does it work? Even when we’re tired, sick or just taking it easy, there’s always things we need to do (unless we have a personal assistant). So the next time you make a cup of tea, put away ten things in the kitchen, put ten things in the dishwasher or empty the bin (there’s bound to be way more than ten things in there). Using the bathroom? Throw away those empties while you’re there. Have a teenager/messy child in the home – make their room your go-to place for your tidy challenge this week. Ten things might not seem like much, but it’s do-able. And slowly and surely, you’ll find the your child’s room looking neater, those shelves will start looking tidier and who knows? Your good habits might start rubbing off on the rest of the family πŸ™‚

I’d love to hear if you have any quick and easy tips for keeping your home nice. Please comment below if you can, as I enjoy hearing from you.

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31 comments on “The 10 Item Tidy Challenge (Decluttering When You’re Tired)”

  1. I’m rubbish at decluttering because sometimes it feels like such a massive task. I love the idea of doing 10 things at a time because it feels more manageable. Watch this space! 10 things will be gone before that day is out!

  2. I love the idea of this. We have to declutter constantly as both hubby and son suffer from sensory processing disorder so it’s better for them when things are tidy and less stuff is around.

  3. 10 items definitely makes a bigger job seem more manageable. I must admit I quite like big tidy-ups, but my body doesn’t like it so much so by the afternoon I’m having to call it quits because my body hurts too much. I think keeping on top of tidying and decluttering is probably a better idea (I just like the ‘ahhh’ sense when you’ve made a noticeable difference). Great post πŸ™‚
    Caz x

    • Thanks, Caz. I know what you mean about the big tidy-ups…I’m finding that a bit tougher in this gloomier weather (and very much looking forward to spring). I hope you have a good weekend and manage to take things a little easier if you need to x

  4. I’m all about breaking daunting tasks into bite-sized pieces, so so I can relate to this 10-item declutter. LIttle steps really do add up over time! I can relate to Caz’s comment, too. If I’m a little under the weather or maybe sluggish after a poor night’s sleep, 10 items are all I can handle, and yet it still helps.

  5. My two best strategies are to not own so much that it gets overwhelming and messy, and to put things away immediately after using them, making sure everything actually has a place. I am not always good at the last one. The first one is much improved but there are a couple closets that need work. It’s easy to hold onto junk you don’t need but also don’t usually see.

  6. Hi Rachel, such a simple and doable idea. You do make decluttering sound less of a chore. I stopped sorting my twos stuff a long time ago, but have recently started thinking I really must get in and spend some time sorting my daughters’ stuff. Shes 18 and studies hard and her room looks like a Tasmanian Devil has charged through it sprinkling rubbish as it passed through. Maybe whilst she’s out today I should go in their with the intention of removing/sorting ten items? Dinners roast chicken so whilst the chicken is cooking I could make some time… And of course I’ll be her favourite Mum… Or the devil incarnate.


    • Hi Debbie, your comment made me smile πŸ™‚ My daughter’s room is sometimes like that, too….until she gets these massive cleaning splurges and stays up really late sorting out her room! Last night was one of those night’s and by 11 pm I was just praying for her to stop and let me sleep!!! Teenagers, a law unto their own. I’m sure we were never that bad??

  7. I’ve tried to be a lot more mindful about taking a few minutes now and then to declutter/clean up one small area. It really makes a huge difference! One habit that has helped me is that if I pick up the mail, I stop by the recycling bin on my way inside and dump any junk mail in (except credit card offers – those I shred). If my husband picks up the mail he puts it on the same spot on the coffee table and I sort it as soon as I get home and recycle what we don’t need, put bills with my check book and file the rest. This has stopped the build up of a pile of mail that gets more daunting over time.

  8. Hi, this is a great idea, Rachel. The easy steps are always the best, and also easier to keep up in the longer term. I like to get up whilst the ad breaks are on and run around and do a little tidy up. Like you say, then you’ve got something nice to come back to, so it’s good motivation. I’ll see if I can manage 10 items per break, that would really start to make a difference!

  9. What a great idea, I think this is something I’ll definitely start doing. I’m one of those weirdos that love tidying up but it’s hard to start sometimes. Doing 10 things at a time would be a great way around this.

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