If you read my post last Friday, you may remember that I set myself a challenge of going TV-free for a week. It wasn’t quite as I expected, and I didn’t manage the whole week (more on that later)….but I’m glad I did it. These are the some of the reasons why.

  • It sounds dumb and clichéd and obvious, but I realised just how much time I wasted watching TV. Without it, I was able to get up, set the house straight and be out the door as early as I liked. No procrastinating over the breakfast news or weather, instead I was out the door and getting on with my day.
  • Chores were less of a chore. I found out that if I played a podcast on my phone, and put my phone in my pocket, some chores were quite calming and mindful. There’s also satisfaction at the end of the day in a row of clean shoes, a bed with clean sheets or gleaming windows.
  • I read, and I read, and I read. I finished one book and started three more. Yes, three. It turns out I can juggle books like I used to juggle TV. There’s a joy in picking up a book that matches your mood, whatever that may be.
  • I ate less. I’m definitely a comfort eater and think nothing of devouring a large bag of chips/bar of chocolate whilst watching a movie. No movie? No snacks. I lost 3 lbs in weight this week, who’d have thought?
  • I found time for my hobbies. For a while, I’ve wanted to learn hand lettering (modern calligraphy) and I started working on that.
  •  I realised just how much I love walking and taking photographs. There’s something satisfying about heading out on the coldest of days armed with nothing more than a flask of coffee and a smartphone, and taking a shot you’re proud of. (Top – Bassenthwaite overlooking Skiddaw; Above – Crummock Water).
  • I slept when I was tired – be that 8pm or 11pm. I wasn’t invested in watching the end of a gripping drama or show;  I didn’t need to know what happened next … it was so much simpler.

In spite of the benefits, it was also easy to get caught out because TV/live-streaming is everywhere. On day two, I watched a live broadcast on my phone about a weather warning for our region, and then a National Geographic news video about the Great Wall of China. Followed by lots of daydreaming and internet searches for walking holidays….On day five, I didn’t feel so good – the perfect excuse to lay on the sofa and binge-watch those episodes that I’d been been missing. For three hours.

So….can I live without TV? Probably not. But I do want to continue challenging myself to watch less and to be more intentional with my time. I’d love to hear your thoughts about watching less TV….would you consider challenging yourself to watch less TV for a week, too? Please comment below if you can, I love reading your thoughts and experiences.

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15 comments on “Things I’ve Learned By Watching Less TV”

  1. I saw this busy week approaching (extra work-related things) and decided it’d be wise to not watch any TV this week, and so I didn’t. I almost got all my work done, but what I really noticed, as did you, is that I read a lot more. It was wonderful! I know, maybe I should have been working instead of reading, but . . . no, I don’t regret it. I was happy to spend time reading!

  2. I should definitely stop watching Netflix as I’ll stop snacking so much. 🙈 It’s interesting to know how you got on and it’s good food for thought. I can’t read more than one book on the go, but I never thought about it like choosing which TV show to watch – I like it! Great post as always and a beautiful photo too! 😊

    • Thanks 🙂 We’re on a Netflix break at the moment, which probably made it easier to be fair! Some of the programmes and movies on there are great, aren’t they? I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  3. My nemesis is mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Breaking the habit is one of my goals for 2018 though I haven’t really started on it yet. I might just use your blog as inspiration.

    • Thanks, Trudy 🙂 Social media can be a tough one, can’t it? I always find starting off small helps me…and Sunday mornings, where we go gadget-free, is my favourite day of the week. Good luck with your goal, I’d love to hear how you get on.

  4. Hi Rachel, yay! And I bet you feel better for it even if you didn’t go totally telly free for the week. I suppose watching television can be compared to eating, when we consume too much it leaves us feeling blurrrgh, but when you get the right balance it can leave us feeling content. The days when I don’t watch TV are definately more productive and as you said we tend to go to bed when we’re tired rather than sit and stare at ‘one more episode’ .. I can never get my head around someone being able to read more than one book at a time (or watch more than one series) I get all confused about plots and characters.


  5. I’ve realised that I’ve been watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix recently and the thing is, I’m barely paying attention half the time anyway! I’ve been listening to more podcasts instead of just sticking on whatever TV programme and I’m already noticing how my attention span is improving. Definitely worth cutting down a bit!

  6. Congratulations – it’s very hard to give up our gadgets like TV, Computers, phones, etc. I try to limit my TV to the evening but sometimes, I forego and read. I waste too much time on my laptop, TV, etc. It’s very addicting. #MMBC

  7. I am surprised at the results. Losing weight would not be something I would have expected! I really want to watch less tv in the evenings but it is hard to escape when everyone else is watching something #mmbc

    • Hi Louisa, I was surprised too! I guess it’s less snacking and more moving around doing other things! I agree that it can be more difficult when everyone else is watching something, it’s a hard habit to break!

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